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Working at Strategy Labs

People are the most important thing we have at Strategy Labs. That’s why we pay significant attention to selecting, engaging as well as professionally and personally growing our team members.

Working at Strategy Labs you will be engaged in challenging projects across many different functional areas and industries. Using analytical, systematic and creative approach, working with your team you will help companies to solve their toughest challenges. Formal and informal trainings together with coaching and support from senior colleagues will help you maximize your potential.

Join Strategy Labs if you

  • Want to work with top managers and shareholders to help drive their business value
  • Want to help our clients develop and implement strategies, solve operational issues and drive organizational change
  • Want to be part of a great team of people who really want to make a difference to their clients and to each other
  • Think you are smart, result-driven, and have a strong business sense
  • Have outstanding academic results.



Working at Strategy Labs can offer:

Interesting and diverse experience. Strategy Labs offers exciting opportunities to get engaged in challenging projects across many different industries and functional areas. Also, expect some travel to different countries and work on international engagements.

Work that makes a difference. You will have a high degree of responsibilities and work alongside some key decision makers in the region to solve their toughest challenges and make a positive impact. You will help clients shape company strategy, improve performance and drive organizational change.

Personal and professional development. High-profile client exposure, real-world business experience working on relevant management issues, formal and informal trainings, working with experienced colleagues and supportive work culture will set-up you for future success and a steep career path. Learn more about growth opportunities here.

Being among smart people like you. Friendly, supportive, fun and non-hierarchical working environment with smart people like you.


Questions answered

Some of the questions we have already answered:

  • What marketing strategy will win back market share of a declining pharmaceutical brand?
    Read more about this case
  • How to grow sales of an industrial goods manufacturer after a sharp decline of military budget in the U.S.?
  • What fast-food proposition is the most appealing for Belarusian consumers?
  • How much investment is required to turn-around a media business in Romania?
  • What synergies can be captured by acquiring a digital business in Norway?


Activities you'll typically perform

  • Interview clients, their customers, and industry experts
  • Collect and analyze data
  • Conduct quantitative and qualitative analysis
  • Generate new ideas and hypotheses
  • Discuss findings with the team and formulate insights, conclusions
  • Translate insights into actions
  • Work closely with clients to implement solutions

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