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Growing with Strategy Labs

At Strategy Labs we pay significant attention to growing our team members professionally and personally. Strategy Labs provides formal and informal trainings in order to boost your skills to be a successful management consultant. You work with experienced seniors in a supportive culture that is focused on helping you to succeed and realize your full potential. Working with client executives and managers on relevant management issues drives you to grow faster personally and professionally.

What you will learn:

You will continuously learn the best practices used in top-tier management consulting companies, such as:

  • How to structure your thinking and analyze information
  • How to generate and test hypotheses and formulate insights
  • How to efficiently find the best solution
  • How to assess the financial impact of your recommendations
  • How to translate insights into actions
  • How to work with you client to achieve sustainable improvement and value creation
  • How to effectively communicate and work in the team


At Strategy Labs we aim develop a structured training proposition for our people in addition to their on-the-job learning. Individualized programs ensure that professional development of our people is a continuous process.

Consulting skills trainings. On a regular basis our Business Analysts and Consultants participate in training sessions that cover key competencies and skills that are critical in becoming a successful management consultant – problem solving & analytics, client relations, written & oral communication and others.

Functional topic training. Each month we organize internal functional topic training sessions aiming to increase know-how in certain industries or functional practices. Most common examples of functional topic trainings include teams presenting their work or colleagues sharing the latest business thinking from top sources.

Professional qualifications. As a part of our formal training proposition, we provide our people an opportunity to enroll in the CFA Program – a globally recognized benchmark course in finance & investment fields. In addition to that, our consultants take up a curated curriculum of Coursera programmes on business, economics, and finance, as well as other topics that they are interested in.

Leadership training. Project managers at Strategy Labs are provided an opportunity to enroll into Executive Education courses in leading international business schools (e.g. London Business School). It provides top-tier primary leadership training that supports transition from individual contributor to a leader that is able to drive teams and deliver top-level consulting services for our clients.

Coaching and Mentorship

We understand how critical continuous growth and professional development is – that is why we employ an all-round approach to help you get the best out of your time here.

Career advisor coaching. You will be assigned a career advisor, a Partner or a Project Manager, who will advise you on your strengths and areas you need to develop, support you in defining your personal development plan and offer broader career advice.

Learning from your peers. Our boutique environment creates superior conditions for continuous improvement. While working closely with extraordinarily talented as well as supportive consultants at Strategy Labs, you will be able to learn their best practices that will spur your growth as a professional.

Providing feedback. You will be provided constructive feedback on your performance by your manager and advised on how you can improve further.

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What fascinates me the most is the opportunity to work directly with client executives on complex strategic issues

Karolis Švežauskas
Senior Business Analyst