Financial services

Financial services providers are facing ever more competitive market environment and changing consumer behavior. Mobile technologies, P2P lending and regulatory changes are just a few of the many challenges that players operating in financial sector have to confront.

With mobile technology development, Fintech is on the rise and some players are already taking significant market share from incumbent institutions. Smart phones are becoming the channels of distribution. P2P lending disintermediates financial institutions by directly connecting lenders and borrowers. Companies from adjacent industries with no financial services experience are increasingly entering the core financial services market. Regulation is becoming increasingly stringent, pushing capital requirements up, margins down and adding complexity.

Strategy Labs works with financial services clients to help them develop products, attract customers, increase market share, reduce cost and complexity. We help emerging challenger institutions to articulate business plans for banking and electronic money licenses. Our team has helped financial institutions in a number of areas, including:

  • Growth strategy
  • Consumer segmentation and product portfolio definition
  • Operating model review
  • Specialized bank business planning
  • Bank and e-money institution licensing support