Case studies

Vertical integrations strategy



Our client, one of the largest industrial animal producers in the region with revenues in excess of €100m, faced the spread of African swine fever in one of its key markets. The disease and strict export regulations imposed on local pig producers by the EU caused major turmoil across the entire value chain, posing a significant threat to the core business.

What Strategy Labs did

Our team has carefully reviewed existing market structure along with potential future development scenarios of the core business and advised on strategy to protect it. At the same time, we explored specific options to capture value by integrating downstream the value chain, from breeding to slaughter and meat processing. Drawing on insights from industry experts, focus group sessions and quantitative survey results, Strategy Labs developed a detailed go-to-market strategy including a clear value proposition for some of the largest local retail chains.

Highlighted deliverables

  • Market supply & demand analysis and price forecast scenarios
  • Margin decomposition and economic value added across the value chain
  • Qualitative and quantitative research to gauge consumer preferences
  • Comprehensive financial model, including review of multiple potential acquisition targets
  • Formulation of strategic direction and actionable strategic initiatives 


Fact-based decisions ensuring sustainable market position