Functional practices


How to redesign your processes to achieve productivity and cost improvement? How to optimize capital expenditure to maximize ROI? How to reconfigure your supply chain to achieve a cost advantage over competition?

At Strategy Labs, we work shoulder to shoulder with manufacturing, logistics and supply chain managers to continuously tweak operations:

Process redesign

We help clients redesign internal processes to achieve a significant improvement in performance levels, cost position, and resulting profit growth.

Capital productivity 

We help clients drive ROI by establishing an efficient capital planning process focusing on improving fixed asset productivity and achieving better capital allocation.


We help to unlock significant saving opportunities that lay in demand optimization, improved supplier management, tender procedures, negotiation planning, alternative sourcing. 

Supply chain

We help clients identify supply chain bottlenecks and get to a model balancing service levels and cost position for maximum profit growth.


Working here

People are the most valuable assets at Strategy Labs. That’s why we pay a great attention to selecting, engaging as well as professionally and personally growing our team members. Our consultants have demonstrated significant leadership capabilities, achieved outstanding academic results from top academic institutions and possess profound business acumen and skills.

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