Case studies

Strategic & Commercial Due Diligence and Turnaround



Our client was assessing an investment opportunity in a Scandinavian company with sales of > €45m. A quick turnaround plan was needed for the transaction to generate sufficient value to justify the investment in the business for the client.

What Strategy Labs did

Our team performed a two stage (pre- and post-acquisition) strategic due diligence of the target company. We reviewed the cost structure and product portfolio fit with the group’s broader strategy.


  • The client was able to take informed business and personnel decisions immediately after the transaction.
  • Annual cost savings of €2m were identified. The existing network of offices was benchmarked with 5 potential closures suggested.
  • Cash flow optimization measures worth €1.8m were suggested, with initiatives yielding €0.7m implemented immediately after the acquisition.
  • Potential headcount reduction was planned, with 10% reduction in the number of FTEs achieved within the first quarter after the acquisition.
  • One business unit was identified as a possible spin-off.


  • €2m
Working here

People are the most valuable assets at Strategy Labs. That’s why we pay a great attention to selecting, engaging as well as professionally and personally growing our team members. Our consultants have demonstrated significant leadership capabilities, achieved outstanding academic results from top academic institutions and possess profound business acumen and skills.

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