Case studies

Retail bank strategy


Our client was in the process of founding a new financial institution and asked us for an advice on the business model and go-to-market strategy.

What Strategy Labs did

Our team identified customer segments and needs, as well as prepared a product portfolio strategy. Detailed competitor analysis was carried out that included revenue source and pricing benchmarks.

We have conducted 15 deep-dive interviews with industry professionals globally to help us narrow down the target client and nail down the go-to-market approach. We have prepared revenue projections and advised the client on application for a banking license.


The client was able to make an informed business decision on the product offering, pricing structure, and go-to-market approach of the new bank.

Financial forecasts empowered the client to clarify objectives, support “Go/ No Go” decision and draft the go-to-market approach.

Documentation kit for license application and negotiations has been prepared


Working here

People are the most valuable assets at Strategy Labs. That’s why we pay a great attention to selecting, engaging as well as professionally and personally growing our team members. Our consultants have demonstrated significant leadership capabilities, achieved outstanding academic results from top academic institutions and possess profound business acumen and skills.

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